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1st Channel

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The First Channel includes information and news narrating events in Ukraine and abroad; cycle programmes on political and social-economic subjects; literary and musical programmes, programmes for children and youth

2nd Channel

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Information-musical youth channel deals with the most urgent problems of young people in Ukraine, in particular it helps to get oriented towards choosing one's trade, informs of the most important events in the life of youth, acquaints with modern Ukrainian music.

3rd Channel

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UR Third Programme - "Channel of spiritual rebirth Radio "Kultura" which is basically aimed at creating in domestic radio space a special environment of high spiritual culture involving mass listeners' audience.

Radio Ukraine International

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RUI acquaints foreign listeners with all diversity of political and social-economic life in Ukraine.
1st Channel 2nd Channel 3rd Channel RUI
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OSCE says Ukraine needs new legislation on national minorities

11-04-2014 18:03

The high commissioner on national minorities of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Astrid Thors, on Friday urged Ukraine to revise its legislation on national minority rights.

Thors insisted at the Kyiv Security Forum that as many social groups as possible be involved in the current political process in Ukraine and that national minorities have their positions taken into account. She also called for reviewing the current status of the Russian language in Ukraine. She pointed out that the official language situation had remained unchanged since February, and that the former law was still in force. She mentioned that parliament had moved to repeal it but that acting President Oleksander Turchynov had ditched the initiative.