List of Programs

Ukrainian Perspective  - a program of news, reports and commentaries.

Ukrainian Diary – digest of the most important news over the past week.

Insight – a program about Ukraine, its nation, geography, spiritual and day-to-day life.

Reading Lounge – audio versions of Ukrainian classical and modern literature.

Famous Ukrainians – a program about outstanding Ukrainian scientists, writers, artists, military leaders, statesmen and public figures who shaped the history and present-day image of this country.

Highlights – a program about Ukrainians, their aspirations and lifestyle.

Start-Ups - a program about grassroot initiatives and cutting-edge ideas put into action.

World. ua – a weekly press review program.

The Roots – a program highlighting Ukrainian history, folk rites, arts and traditions.

Hello from Kyiv – a mailbag program with comments on listeners’ letters.

Sports and Fun – a program about sports and hobbies most popular with Ukrainians.

Music from Ukraine – a program presents gems of Ukrainian classical and modern music.