Ukraine not ruling out full-scale military aggression by Russia - military doctrine

29.09.2015 р., 16:20

The scenarios which may pose threats to Ukraine's security include "a full-scale armed aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine involving land, air, aerospace, and marine operations with military and political objectives." In addition, Ukraine doesn't rule out that Russia may use special operations with the use of military units and/or their components, fire strikes, information, information and psychological operations (or actions) in conjunction with the use of non-military means, including peacekeeping forces in the absence of a relevant mandate of the UN Security Council. Sea ports, coasts and the airspace of Ukraine could be blockaded with the use of military force, and Ukraine's communications could be violated by Russia, the doctrine states. In addition, a threat to the military security of Ukraine could occur in the form of an armed conflict within the country inspired by Russia in an attempt to separate parts of eastern and southern regions from Ukraine, with the participation of extra-legal armed groups, terrorist groups and etc. Also, the enemy may provoke an armed conflict along the state border of Ukraine, in particular, armed provocations during border crossing with the involvement of Russian regular or irregular forces, as well as terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine are a possibility, the doctrine states. "The threats to the military security of Ukraine, if implemented, can lead to a change of the constitutional system of Ukraine, the continued occupation of Ukraine or its separate territories, the establishment of direct or indirect control over Ukraine and the loss of its national sovereignty and territorial integrity," the doctrine states.

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