Ukrainians can already receive pension from two sources

28.08.2017 р., 15:50

According to the current legislation, Ukrainians can already take advantage of the voluntary accumulated level of pension provision.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Mykola Shambir, the press service of the department reports.

"According to the current legislation, every citizen can choose a pension fund and make savings. In addition, a mandatory accumulation level will be implemented in the future, which will allow diversifying sources of pensions for people and increase the amount of pension payments," Shambir said.

According to him, the current legislation provides for three levels of pension protection: solidarity, compulsory and voluntary accumulation level.

The deputy minister stressed that the first and third levels are currently working, that is, citizens can already receive a pension from two sources - the solidarity system and the voluntary accumulation level.

Recall that compulsory contributions to the solidarity pension system are not deducted from the salary of employees, but are paid by the employer in percentage terms to the amount of wages.

Ukrainians can already receive pension from two sources

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