"Visa-free regime" already used by 200 thousand Ukrainians

23.08.2017 р., 13:50

Since the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU and up to the Independence Day of Ukraine, 200 thousand Ukrainians have benefited from visa-free travel.

As UNN reported, on the eve of the celebration of the 26th anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the right to visa-free travel has already been used by 200,000 Ukrainians, with more than 76 thousand of our citizens who used aviation transport, and the rest crossed the border through automobile or railway checkpoints," the report said.

We will add that in the framework of a visa-free regime with the EU countries, the largest number of citizens of our country travelled through the border with Poland and Hungary - 90 thousand people.

We recall that since the introduction of the visa-free regime, 57 cases of refusals were recorded for our citizens at the border crossing, the vast majority of which are due to the lack of confirmation of the purpose of the trip and violation of European migration law during previous trips.

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