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System of communication facilities of Armed Forces of Ukraine corresponds to NATO standards

8.08.2017 р., 15:40

The system of communications facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is already approaching the NATO standards, in particular, in cybersecurity matter.

This was stated at a briefing by the chief of the Communication troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Volodymyr Rapko.

"At the moment, there is a complete re-equipment of communication facilities with the latest technical means according to NATO standards. A cybernetic system of the Armed Forces has been created, and our specialists in Germany have taken the first place in the cybersecurity competition," Rapko informed.

We will add that the road map for the creation of information infrastructure has now been approved, and the system for the protection of information and cybernetic security in the systems of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces has been strengthened. With the help of a safe system, a transition to electronic document management at the Ministry of Defense is organized.

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