Ukraine to become next member of NATO

6.06.2017 р., 14:25

Ukrainian authorities will make every effort to ensure that our country would become a NATO member. Non-aligned status has led to the loss of territory and aggression.

This was stated in an exclusive interview with "Channel 112" by First Vice Speaker Iryna Gerashchenko.

According to her, in the near future the provision that Ukraine's membership in NATO should be a priority of the state's foreign policy will be formulated at the legislative level.

Iryna Gerashchenko expressed hope that Ukraine and Georgia will become next NATO members following Montenegro.

In 2008 our state has lost the chance to receive action plan for NATO membership because due to Russia's pressure there was no unity among the political elite on this issue. This catastrophic error must be corrected immediately, said Iryna Gerashchenko.

Ukraine to become next member of NATO

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