US, EU, Canada call on Ukraine to complete establishment of Asset Recovery and Management Office, State Bureau of Investigations

9.12.2016 р., 17:25

It congratulates Ukraine on the important achievements it has made in the fight against corruption and encourages it to continue on the path of ambitious reforms. The three embassies also praised "the impressive steps taken since the Revolution of Dignity, including the adoption of constitutional amendments on the judiciary and of anti-corruption legislation, the establishment of specialised anti-corruption bodies, and the successful launch of the electronic asset declaration system." At the same time, the document stresses that these gains are still consolidating and require the continued, focused efforts of all Ukrainian stakeholders working together to sustain and build on this positive momentum into 2017. "We strongly encourage the independent and credible verification of submitted e-declarations. We also look to Ukrainian authorities to ensure the independence and adequate resourcing of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), the Specialised Anti-corruption Prosecutor Office (SAPO), and the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC)," the statement reads. USA, Canada and the EU also called on the Ukrainian government to complete the process of establishment of the new Asset Recovery and Management Office (AMRO) so that this institution can commence its operations in early 2017 and fulfil its critical tasks.

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