U.S. to provide Ukraine comprehensive security assistance against aggression in Donbas

3.12.2015 р., 14:25

"Obviously we recognize Ukraine's need and our need, frankly, to help Ukraine defend itself against aggression in the Donbass. And that's why we have provided the security assistance that we have," the official said at a briefing ahead of the visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Kyiv on December 7-8. According to him, United States helps Ukrainian armed forces with training, as well as with non-lethal military armament. The defense budget of U.S. foresees spending of $300 million "for comprehensive security assistance, but also defense reform for the Ukrainian armed forces." However, the official reiterated that to his country's view the conflict shouldn't be solved militarily on the ground, due to a diplomatic solution to the Minsk process. "And our pressure on Russia has primarily been in the form of economic sanctions. That is what we see as the most fruitful avenue for finding a resolution to the conflict," he summed up.

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