Information for clients

Advertisement placement application sample


                                                        To: Mr. Yuri Natalchuk

                                                             Head of network radio advertising sales department of the

National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine




                                                        From: Director_______________________





                                            Application letter


We are addressing you with a request to place the advertisement_______________

on UR-1 Channel and UR-2 Channel “Promin” in the month of _____________2017.

Advertisement schedule:________________________________________________.

Duration of a commercial:_______________________________________________.

Text of the commercial is in attached.





Director__________________                                    Signature __________________


*Letter must be printed on an advertiser’s letterhead with a wet stamp. 



To conclude an agreement with the Ukrainian Radio a customer has to submit copies of the following documents certified by his stamp:
•    registration certificate for medical products,
•    conclusion of a state sanitary-epidemiologic expertise for BADs (biologically active additives), medical equipment, prophylaxis methods, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation,
•    medical practice license,
•    certificate of state registration for a printed mass medium,
•    license of an educational institution,
•    bank certificate, issued by the National Bank of Ukraine,
•    permission (license) for construction, investment services, etc.;
•    state registration certificate;
•    note of the Unified State Register of  Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
•    note of a registered tax-payer;
•    certificate of a registered VAT-payer;
•    documents proving appointment or election of a person authorized to sign  an agreement;
•    abstract from a document in force proving the right of a person signing an agreement to act so;
•    other documents, if required.

For a physical person (not an entrepreneur) to conclude an agreement a passport copy and ID code have to be submitted.