Prix Marulic

Hvar, a sunny island in Croatia, each year hosts the International competition of radio dramas and documentary radio dramas “Prix Marulic”. The competition is organized by the drama department of  the Croatian radio jointly with the EBU. The competion’s motto is ”Old texts revisited” which mainly deal with literature, irrespective of genres or form, poetry or prose (poems, epos, dramas, novels, etc.), in other words – all literary works that make the literary heritage and have been written before 1894.

In 2007 Ukrainian Radio entered the highly prestigious competition with a radio drama about the life of the great Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko, entitled “Mystery of the being”, made by Svetlana Gudz-Voitenko.

In 2008 Ukrainian Radio was represented by program “Catch me, World” (prod. Galyna Babiy).

In 2011 Ukrainian Radio entered two programmes :

  • A smile of  Venetian lion (author-Natalya Kolomiets, editor – Svitlana Gudz-Voitenko)
  • Anna Yaroslavna or Anna Regina (editors - Natalya Kolomiets and Svitlana Gudz-Voitenko)

The latter was selected for the final stage.

In 2013 the same creative team produced drama “The Invisible Man” by H. Wells that has passed the preliminary selection but unfortunately it failed to proceed.

This year Ukrainian Radio entered the competition with the programme “Echoes of the broken strings. Paths of the Ukrainian kobza  art” (authors: Olga Ivanova, Volodymyr Noskov) that was successfully selected for the final. Volodymyr Noskov, young totally blind radio journalist, actively uses the modern means of communication and wants to learn how the kobza-players, the blind musicians, lived and created centuries ago. Accompanied by his sighted colleague he visited the only kobza art museum in the world, interviewed kobza art researches and contemporary kobza –players. This investigation has helped the both journalists to realize the uniqueness of kobza art phenomenon, the dramatic pages of its history.

We do wish any success to our participants!

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