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Новини за тегом «Verkhovna Rada»

  • Parliament renames four villages, one district in decommunisation effort
    Дата: 14.07.2016 13:00
    Legislators have adopted the resolution 4907 On renaming certain towns and villages in the Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv regions and Kominternovsky district of the Odesa region. The legislation was supported by 231 lawmakers, Ukrinform has reported.
  • Verkhovna Rada allows military men to resign before contract termination
    Дата: 12.07.2016 16:00
  • Verkhovna Rada triples penalties for DUI
    Дата: 08.07.2016 17:21
    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has tripled fines for driving under the influence - up to UAH 10,200 (about $417). A total of 243 deputies supported the corresponding law 'On Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences' at a parliamentary meeting on Thursday, Interfax-Ukraine reported.
  • Parliament adopts law on amnesty in 2016
    Дата: 07.07.2016 12:30
    Legislators today adopted law number 4255 called On amnesty in 2016, which grants an amnesty for convicted participants of anti-terrorist operations, who didn’t commit felonies. A total of 247 MPs voted to adopt the legislation, Ukrinform has reported.
  • Lawmakers asked to allow wiretapping senior officials
    Дата: 06.07.2016 13:05
    Nazar Kholodnytsky, the Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, calls on the Parliament to pass the bill which would allow the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine to wiretap officials.
  • VR votes to allow arrest of MP Onyshchenko
    Дата: 05.07.2016 14:35
    The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament has voted to allow the arrest and prosecution of Member of Parliament Oleksandr Onyshchenko. Earlier, MPs have given their consent to prosecute Onyshchenko, which automatically resulted in abolition of his immunity from detention.
  • Parliament dismisses two judges of Constitutional Court
    Дата: 05.07.2016 13:50
    The Verkhovna Rada has dismissed two judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.
  • President's rep: EU macro-financial aid subject to VR adopting legislation on utilities innovations
    Дата: 04.07.2016 13:30
    The Verkhovna Rada has to vote on legislation that will make it possible to obtain the second instalment of macro-financial assistance from the European Union worth EUR 600 million this week, the President's Poroshenko representative in Parliament Artur Herasymov told lawmakers today, Ukrinform reports.
  • Parliament calls on Ecumenical Patriarch to recognize Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Parubiy
    Дата: 22.06.2016 14:55
    Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has called on the Ecumenical Patriarch to declare autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church; a respective letter from the parliament has been delivered to Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.
  • MPs appeal against Dnipropetrovsk renaming at Constitutional Court
    Дата: 16.06.2016 16:25
    A number of people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine have asked the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to rule unconstitutional the parliament resolution about Dnipropetrovsk renaming, the press service of the Constitutional Court said on Thursday.
  • Rada passes bill on financial restructuring
    Дата: 14.06.2016 14:25
    Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday passed at second reading bill No. 3555 on financial restructuring, which will introduce a mechanism of the voluntary financial restructuring of debtor enterprises with a view to resolving the situation with problem loans and resuming lending to the economy by banks.
  • Parliament committee supports Equality March in Kyiv
    Дата: 09.06.2016 14:55
    The Verkhovna Rada committee on human rights, national minorities and international relations has supported the holding of the Equality March of LGBT communities in Kyiv, scheduled for June 12.
  • Parliament adopts crucial law on judicial system, status of judges
    Дата: 02.06.2016 13:25
    The Ukrainian Parliament has passed a bill on judicial system and status of judges in the first and final readings, Ukrinform reports.
  • Rada upholds resolution to rename Dnipropetrovsk into Dnipro
    Дата: 01.06.2016 15:45
    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine hasn't revoked its resolution dated May 19 to rename the city of Dnipropetrovsk into Dnipro.
  • Savchenko sworn in as Ukrainian lawmaker
    Дата: 31.05.2016 12:30
    Ukrainian military pilot Nadia Savchenko, who spent nearly two years in Russian captivity before she was released last week, has been sworn in as a lawmaker in Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament.