Новини за тегом «Forecast»

  • Government forecasts Ukraine’s GDP to exceed 11%, inflation to drop to 5% until 2020
    Дата: 14.06.2017 13:55
    The Cabinet of Ministers projects that Ukraine’s GDP will grow by more than 11%, while inflation will decrease to 5% by 2020. Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk said this at the Wednesday Cabinet meeting.
  • National Bank: Ukraine’s economic growth to speed up in next two years
    Дата: 21.04.2017 16:45
    The National Bank of Ukraine believes that the country’s economic growth will gradually speed up in 2018-2019 after a temporary slowdown in 2016.
  • IMF forecasts Ukraine’s GDP growth at 3.2% in 2018
    Дата: 19.04.2017 11:20
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Ukraine’s GDP growth at the level of 2% in 2017 and its significant increase up to 3.2% in 2018, according to the World Economic Outlook released by the IMF on Tuesday.
  • World Bank forecasting Ukraine’s economic growth in 2017, if reforms continue
    Дата: 16.03.2017 12:50
    The World Bank forecasts Ukraine’s economic growth in 2017 if the country continues the process of implementing reforms, Satu Kahkonen, the World Bank Country Director for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine said on Thursday.
  • National Bank raises inflation forecast for 2017
    Дата: 03.02.2017 16:05
    The National Bank of Ukraine has raised its inflation forecast for this year from 8% to 9.1% due to increase in the minimum wage up to UAH 3,200 starting from January 1, 2017. This is stated in the inflation forecast for January, released by the National Bank.
  • Vice PM: Ukraine's GDP grows by 2% in third quarter
    Дата: 27.12.2016 12:55
    Ukraine’s GDP grew by 2% in the third quarter of 2016 year-on-year, First Vice Premier and Economy Minister Stepan Kubiv said at a yearend press conference.
  • National Bank projects 12% inflation rate
    Дата: 22.12.2016 16:30
    The prices will rise by an average of 12% by the end of the year in Ukraine, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleh Churiy said this in an interview with Ukrinform and UA|TV.
  • IMF retains Ukraine's economy growth at 2.5%
    Дата: 02.11.2016 12:50
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has retained its forecast for Ukraine's economy growth for 2017 at the level of 2.5% with inflation at 8.5%, according to an economic outlook for Eastern Europe states, posted on the IMF website, Radio Liberty reports.
  • World Bank keeps forecast for Ukraine's GDP growth in 2016 at 1%
    Дата: 01.04.2016 15:30
    The World Bank is sticking to its forecast for Ukraine's gross domestic product (GDP) to grow 1% in 2016, Qimiao Fan, World Bank Country Director for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine has said. He said that reforms in several directions are decisive for achieving the resumption of stable development in 2016 and subsequent years.
  • Forecast for Ukraine's GDP growth in 2016 revised downwards from 2% to 1% - finance minister
    Дата: 10.03.2016 13:03
    Forecast for Ukraine's GDP growth in 2016 has been revised downwards from 2% to 1%, Finance Minister of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko said at the 12th Annual Investor Conference organized by Dragon Capital in Kyiv on Thursday.
  • NBU announces inflation rate forecasts for next 4 years
    Дата: 03.02.2016 17:50
    The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) predicts that the level of inflation in 2019 will be around 5%. It is stated in a press release issued to reporters at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on financial policy and banking activities, Ukrinform reports.
  • NBU worsens Ukraine's GDP growth forecast for 2016
    Дата: 28.01.2016 15:25
    The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has revised downwards its forecast for Ukraine's GDP growth for 2016 from 2.4% to 1.1%, leaving inflation at 12%, the central bank said in a press release, referring to the decision of the board for the monetary policy made at a meeting on Thursday.
  • World Bank revises Ukraine's GDP fall forecast for 2015 downward to 12%
    Дата: 23.09.2015 10:10
    Ukraine's real GDP in 2015 will fall by 12% with inflation of 50.8% as of late 2015, according to the revised macroeconomic forecast published by the World Bank in its report on the Second Programmatic Financial Sector Development Policy Loan.
  • IMF downgrades forecast for hryvnia rate in late 2015
    Дата: 05.08.2015 18:10
    The hryvnia to U.S. dollar exchange rate by the end of 2015 will drop to UAH 23.5 per $1, while by late 2016 – UAH 24.4/$1, according to a report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).