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  • Over 190 thousand Ukrainians fell ill with flu and acute respiratory diseases last week
    Дата: 25.01.2017 12:30
    In the past week, over 190 thousand Ukrainians fell ill with flu and acute respiratory diseases; one death from flu-related complications was registered in Kyiv. This was reported by the Health Ministry’s centre for disease control and monitoring.
  • Kyiv Administration: Flu rate goes down in capital city
    Дата: 04.01.2017 15:45
    A decline in the sickness rate of flu and acute respiratory infection has been registered in Kyiv, Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Mykola Povoroznyk has said, the administration’s press service reports.
  • Flu epidemic threshold exceeded in 11 regions of Ukraine
    Дата: 14.12.2016 13:20
    The epidemic threshold for influenza and acute respiratory infections has been exceeded in 11 regions of Ukraine. Over 300,000 people fell ill during December 5-11. This is reported by the press office of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine.
  • Health ministry: flu death toll reaches 364 people
    Дата: 11.03.2016 16:40
    364 people died of flu or other respiratory infections over the past months since the epidemic broke out in Ukraine.
  • 201 dead of flu in Ukraine
    Дата: 05.02.2016 13:20
    More than 3.2 million cases of flu and other respiratory viral infections have been recorded in Ukraine this season, as of February 5th, affecting over 8 percent of the country's population.
  • Death toll from flu in Ukraine reaches 192
    Дата: 04.02.2016 17:30
    Over 3.2 million people with flu and acute respiratory illnesses have been registered in Ukraine since the beginning of the epidemiological season (between September 28, 2015 and February 2, 2016) and 192 deaths have been registered, the Health Ministry press service reported on Thursday.
  • Death toll from flu epidemic reaches 185 people
    Дата: 03.02.2016 13:15
    A total of 185 laboratory confirmed cases of death from flu have been recorded in Ukraine, the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reports.
  • Ternopil schools reopen after flu quarantine
    Дата: 03.02.2016 11:40
    After two weeks of forced vacation due to flu epidemic schools in western Ternopil city resume their learning process, head of the city department of education Olha Pokhilyak told Ukrinform agency.
  • 21 people die of flu complications in Kyiv
    Дата: 28.01.2016 16:05
    Since the start of epidemic season in Kyiv, a total of 21 people died of influenza complications, according to the main department of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in the city of Kyiv.
  • Health ministry reports 72 dead people because of flu complications
    Дата: 22.01.2016 17:10
    As of January 21, a total of 72 people died from the flu complications, Deputy minister of health of Ukraine Ihor Perehinets told a press conference, Ukrinform reports.
  • Seven people died of flu in Kyiv city since November
    Дата: 21.01.2016 10:40
    Seven people died of flu since the beginning of the epidemiological season in Kyiv city, head of Kyiv city state sanitary epidemiological office Oleh Ruban told a briefing, Ukrinform reports.
  • Health Ministry: Flu epidemic may break out by end of week
    Дата: 18.01.2016 18:51
    The flu epidemic may outbreak in Ukraine by the end of the week because of the increasing cases of disease.
  • Polio vaccination set to continue despite flu outbreak
    Дата: 15.01.2016 14:20
    The third round of polio vaccination in Ukraine, scheduled to start on January 17-18, will not be put off because of the flu epidemicб Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili told a briefing on Friday, Ukrinform reports.
  • Flu epidemic closes schools on quarantine in Donetsk region
    Дата: 14.01.2016 11:05
    In the eastern Donetsk region, because flu epidemic threshold has been breached the learning process in schools has been suspended in the cities of Kramatorsk, Slovyansk and Mykolayivka, the department of information policy and public affairs at the civil-military Donetsk regional state administration report.