Poroshenko urges govt, parliament to accelerate fulfilment of action plan on EU visa free regime

20.10.2015 р., 11:15

He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine should provide the EU with all the necessary information on the fulfillment of this plan by November 9. He also urged the government and parliament to ensure the implementation of the commitments undertaken by Ukraine on visa liberalization. Poroshenko said the EU expert mission has concluded that Ukraine has successfully fulfilled all the criteria of the second phase of the visa liberalization action plan, specifically on border governance, document security, migration and asylum, and combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Poroshenko emphasized the importance of completing the stipulations of the action plan as the recommendations of the European Commission are still unfulfilled, specifically in combating corruption and organized crime, discrimination issues, and amendments to the Labor Code. "I would like the government to analyze reasons of delay in the fulfillment of certain items of the action plan and adopt respective decisions. I also urge the Parliament to avoid political sympathies and antipathies when considering these issues for it goes about the fate of Ukraine. We must provide Ukrainians with the right to travel around the European Union without visas no matter what political parties they support," Poroshenko said.

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