Polish military train 30 military instructors from Ukraine

7.10.2015 р., 18:18

"According to statements made by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak, the Poles will train Ukrainian instructors. The training will take place within the framework of the NATO DEEP - Ukraine (Defense Education Enhancement Program)", a statement said. It is noted that instructors who are in training centers of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will take part in training sessions for a month in Poland. While completing their training in Poznan, the Ukrainian servicemen will familiarize themselves with planning and conducting instructions of NCOs and keeping relevant documents. Ukrainian instructors’ stay in Poland is financed from the budget of NATO and the Defense Ministry of Poland. Defence Education Enhancement Program has been running from October 29, 2013 and it aims to support partner countries of NATO. Poland plays a leading role in the program developed for Ukraine. Among the 13 major programs of DEEP the program, designed for Ukraine, is the largest in scope. Apart from Poland, representatives of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, UK, France and Canada participate in the program. The program’s goal is to bring the military education system of Ukraine in line with NATO standards.

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