Ukraine proposes that EU introduce single standardized contract on gas imports

29.09.2015 р., 15:40

"This approach would only strengthen the energy security of Europe, as in principle, the basis of all recent gas disputes was the absence of the single approach to the price formation and political interpretation of this process by traditional suppliers of pipeline gas," he wrote on his Facebook page after a meeting of the cluster three (for energy, transport, environment protection and climate change) of the sub-committee for economy and other se cooperation of the Ukraine-EU Association Committee, held in Kyiv on September 28. Bno-Airiian said that the idea was actively discussed by European experts when the concept of the Energy Union was first voiced. He said that if it is introduced, the defining of gas prices would be deprived of any political element, while the European gas market would become more liquid. He said that Ukraine raised the issue of access to new EU tools to finance infrastructure projects aimed at opening up new routes for energy supplies. He also said that Ukraine is interested in resuming gas supplies from Central Asia via Russia.

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