Kyiv hopes 'fake' elections in Donbas to be called off presidential administration

18.09.2015 р., 12:10

"We still hope and we must be always optimistic that a common sense will win at least this time, and these elections would be cancelled," Yeliseyev said on Friday. Today the key task is establishing a powerful international coalition for putting pressure for prevention of such kind of "elections," he said. "This is a key plan. If it fails, we'll switch to another one," Yeliseyev said. He reported that there are constant consultations with the foreign partners to agree what measures should be taken for the elections not to be held. "We maintain that any local elections in parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, must be held in according to the Minsk deals, based on the Ukrainian legislation, with a full maintenance of the OSCE standards," he said.

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