Over UAH 6 bln envisaged in 2018 to finance science in Ukraine

4.01.2018 р., 13:15

UAH 6.1 billion is envisaged in 2018 to finance science in Ukraine, the press service of the Ukrainian Education and Science Ministry has reported."This year, funding for science in Ukraine grew by more than 30%, from UAH 4.7 billion in 2017 to UAH 6.1 billion in 2018," the report says.

It notes that the financing of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) rose by more than 38%, while funds for university science grew by only 12.3%.

"In 2017, we managed to cope with a dramatic decline in funding for science, which reached a minimum in 2016 and was 0.16% of GDP from the state budget," the ministry's press service quoted Education and Science Minister Lilia Hrynevych as saying.

She noted that today the main funding for science goes to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which is absolutely independent of the ministry and manages its budget independently. In 2017, the NASU had UAH 2.7 billion, whereas funding for science, which is managed by the ministry (and this is funding for university science) amounted to only UAH 621.5 million.

"University science, for which the ministry is responsible, receives only 10% of the total amount of funding for science," Hrynevych said.


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