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Artificial Christmas tree for holidays best option

15.12.2017 р., 14:05

This is the opinion of ecologist Ivan Parnikoza, who expressed it in the program of the Ukrainian Radio "Today. Morning". He urged Ukrainians to protect the green beauties and improve the ecological situation in the country.

"We observe a barbarous destruction of the old forest when the fir trees are being cut down to put them in the main squares of the cities. In many countries, artificial fur- trees have long been put in. In our country, we get used to cut out living trees that have been growing there for so many years, it is necessary to carry out appropriate propaganda to people. Artificial trees are now very inexpensive. It is better to even have a compound tree, not a fir-tree that is cut down in the Carpathians. "

Artificial Christmas tree for holidays best option

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