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Kyiv to consider Venice Commission recommendations on language law

8.12.2017 р., 12:20

As reported, the Ukrainian law on education came into force on September 28.

Among other things, the law stipulates that the state language is a language of learning at educational institutions, but one or several subjects in two or more languages, namely, the state language, English and other European Union official languages can be taught in compliance with the educational program.

People, who belong to ethnic minorities, are guaranteed the right for learning in the native language along with the Ukrainian language in separate groups of municipal pre-school and primary school institutions.

On September 28, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sent the education law for examination by the Venice Commission. Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bondar has said the country's top officials would take into considerations recommendations by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe on the issue of language of instruction, as proscribed in the Education law. However, Bondar said Ukrainian national interests would dictate how the law is implemented.

Kyiv to consider Venice Commission recommendations on language law

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