Yatseniuk, Eurocontrol director general discuss increase of flights over Ukraine, western Black Sea

8.09.2015 р., 12:20

The media liaisons office of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers reported on Tuesday that the parties acknowledged that the document drafted by Ukraine, jointly with Eurocontrol, "confirms the efficiency of our cooperation over analysis of the security of flights in the mentioned air space." During the meeting on September 7, they also discussed reinforcing the cooperation of Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) and Eurocontrol through the participation of UkSATSE in rendering centralized cervices to Eurocontrol by all European Union members as part of the setting up of a single European air traffic management system. In addition, Yatseniuk thanked Brenner for its technical support of Eurocontrol and its support in the implementation of the 'Single European Sky' initiative.