Business calls for adoption of key bills of economic reform

8.11.2017 р., 14:25

Business associations and representatives of entrepreneurial public initiatives appeal to the President, the Government and the Verkhovna Rada for the urgent adoption of three key bills of economic reform.

Valeriy Pekar, founder of the Civil Platform "New Country" made the statement in Ukrinform while addressing the united pool of business associations and public initiatives.

"We, entrepreneurs of Ukraine, public figures and experts are forced to state the sad fact that this year's economic reforms have almost disappeared from the agenda of the parliament, the government and AP, displaced by social and political issues, meanwhile the economic crisis is continuing, and the promised radical economic reforms are not being made. Today it is urgently necessary to solve urgently three blatant problems that make it impossible for the economy to grow, and to make three bills this year for voting in the Verkhovna Rada: "On the financial police", the bill on the replacement of the profit tax for the tax on the withdrawn capital and draft law 7115 on the return of the system of blocking tax invoices in the test mode ", the statement reads.

According to Pekar, Ukraine's economy suffered a huge blow in 2014, and since then the problems remain. Today, our country occupies 166th place in the world in terms of economic freedom, along with Turkmenistan, North Korea, Cuba, Haiti. The withdrawal of money to offshore by various estimates amounts to USD 320 billion per year, smuggling - USD 230 billion per year. Growth of GDP is 2.5 percent, but it is eaten up by inflation. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to approve three bills that have already been prepared and are awaiting consideration, said Pekar.

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