MP Onyshchenko applying for German citizenship

6.11.2017 р., 16:50

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy Oleksandr Onyshchenko, who is wanted by Ukrainian law-makers, is applying for German citizenship, the German Deutsche Welle news agency has said, citing the Burgomeister (mayor) of Herzlake, Germany, Hans Bosken.

According to Bosken, Onyshchenko filed the necessary documents several months ago. The Burgomeister said Onyshchenko would soon have a German passport and he would assist in the process. Bosken said he had appealed to the requisite authorities in writing, noting the outstanding role Onyshchenko has played in Herzlake.

Onyhschenko, who owns property in Herzlake for training horses, this summer registered Herzlake as his place of residence.

Bosken said he is assisting the Ukrainian millionaire in obtaining German citizenship because he hopes Onyshchenko will be useful to Herzlake, and that in the future he will invest in organizing an high-level international horse jumping competition there.

MP Onyshchenko applying for German citizenship

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