Two Ukrainians detained with cocaine in their stomachs in Warsaw

25.10.2017 р., 15:30

At the airport in Warsaw, the border guards detained two Ukrainians who tried to carry about 2 kg of cocaine from Brazil in their stomachs.

This is reported by TVN24.

After arrival, men were sent for inspection for passengers who have goods for customs declaration. But during the check the border guards found nothing. Then they sent the Ukrainians to test for the presence of drugs in urine, which showed a positive result. After that they made a computer tomography of the digestive system.

In the stomachs of the Ukrainians, 45 rubber bags were found, each containing about 40 grams of cocaine. The total weight of cocaine found makes 1.8 kg.

According to border guards, the cost of this batch of drugs in the "black market" makes more than 4.2 million hryvnia.

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