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Bad Rabbit hits computers in several countries

25.10.2017 р., 14:10

The new virus of cryptographic type"Bad Rabbit", of which attacks was announced on October 24 by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Kiev metro, is a modification of the virus "Petya".
Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has stopped the spread of the virus, which attacked the Ukrainian segment of information systems on October 24, the SBU said.

"On October 24, the Kyiv subway and Odesa airport were subjected to a cyber attack. As a result of the virus of the cryptographic type, the functioning of the passenger registration service was blocked. The further spread of the virus has been discontinued. There are no threats to traffic safety," SBU said on its Facebook page.

At the same time, the SBU published recommendations for preventing unauthorized blocking of information systems.The SBU reminded that on October 12 they warned about a possible large-scale cyber attack on state structures and private companies and provided relevant recommendations.

Bad Rabbit hits computers in several countries