Ukrainians begin to receive substantially increased pensions

13.10.2017 р., 18:00

As a result of the pension reform, Ukrainian pensioners began receiving supplementary pensions in the framework of pension modernization.

This is informed by the press service of the Ministry of Social Policy.

As it is noted, immediately after the pension reform law came into force, planned and timely measures were taken to inform the population about the new amount of pension provision and the payment of surcharges.

Thus, pensioners receive a notification of the receipt of additional funds and their amount. For each citizen, the amount of the surcharge is determined individually, and its size depends on such indicators as the length of service and the coefficient of wages, informs the press service of the department.

It should be noted that some citizens who have received a significant increase in pensions do not believe it is true and phone to the branches of the Pension Fund of Ukraine to verify the truthfulness of information notifications. It is necessary to long explaine them that they finally received a pension that corresponds to their work.

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