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Ukraine celebrates Day of State Flag

23.08.2017 р., 15:15

The holiday was established in accordance with the President's decree of August 23, 2004 to honor the centuries-old history of Ukrainian statehood, state symbols of independent Ukraine, and to raise the respect of citizens for the state symbols of Ukraine.

This is reported by Ukrinform.

In 2009, this decree was amended and an annual official flag-raising ceremony was set up on August 23 throughout Ukraine.

The state flag is an indispensable attribute of each country that embodies the originality and continuity of its state-building traditions. Its evolution in a unique way reflects the centuries-old processes of development, formation and life of state entities. Among the flags of Kievan Rus, the red color was preferred - the most convenient for signaling during the battle. But the national flag, in its modern sense, can be considered, appeared at the stage of existence of the Cossack state. At that time, the highest level in the hierarchy was the flag of general-arms or Hetman's flag, which to a certain extent played a role and contained signs of the state.

The approval of the blue-yellow flag as a state took place with the proclamation of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UPR). Then in the history of Ukraine there was a period of red "hammer and sickel ".

On August 23, 1991, the blue-yellow Ukrainian flag was brought by a group of people's deputies into the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada, and on September 4 it was solemnly raised above the parliament building. Finally, the Flag of the State of Ukraine was approved by Article 20 of the Constitution of Ukraine in 1996.

Ukraine celebrates Day of State Flag

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