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Trump's rating fallen to record low level

8.08.2017 р., 13:45

US President Donald Trump's rating among Americans has hit the lowest point since inauguration.

With details - our correspondent in the USA Alice Prozhogina:

Summarizing the results of Donald Trump's two hundred (200) days as president, his work was approved by 38 percent of respondents, 6 percent lower than three months ago. The proportion of dissatisfied with the president's policy is 56 percent, which is 2% (Divisions) less than 100 days ago. The level of support for the Trump by the Republicans has also dropped significantly - from 73 to 59 per cent.

Reflecting on what could have raised Trump's rating, journalists from CNN TV channel called for participation in press conferences. They reminded that during the 200 days of work, the 45 th President of the United States only once talked to the press - three weeks after the inauguration. Although his predecessor, Barack Obama, gave interviews nine times in half a year.

It should be noted that President Trump has had a special relationship with the press and its representatives (a special attitude to the press and its representatives). Even during the election campaign, he began a media war, many of which, he said, are "fake". Some analysts are of the opinion that Trump is "not friends" with the press because the vast majority of the mass media during the election supported his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and now continues to critically cover the administration's activities after the presidency. In addition, most American media accuse Trump of ties with Russia, which, according to influential experts, intervened in the elections, helped him win the presidential race. "

Trump's  rating fallen to record low level

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