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Ukraine celebrates Day of Communication Troops

8.08.2017 р., 15:05

On August 8, the Day of Troops of Communication is celebrated in Ukraine.

"Thank you for selfless service and loyalty to military duty!"- the President wrote in Facebook.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Olexander Turchynov noted in his congratulatory statement that military communication today is an integral part of the control system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, its high-tech foundation.

"This is just what requires from the personnel of the troops of communication high professional training on the basis of world-class achievements in science and technology, the knowledge of the latest approaches to the introduction of innovative communication technologies in the sphere of communication in different conditions of use of troops. Providing communication during the anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine is a convincing proof of it.In extremely difficult conditions, the personnel of the communication units heroically perform their military duty, "Turchinov said.

Recall that on August 5 Ukraine celebrated the Day of Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The President congratulated the personnel of the military pilots on a holiday, handed over high state awards to combat pilots and handed over flags to the military air force departments of the Air Force.

Ukraine celebrates Day of Communication Troops

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