Extraordinary session of Parliament begins with delay

31.08.2015 р., 14:40

The opening of the extraordinary session of the parliament, which was scheduled today at 11:00 am, was delayed for over an hour due to blocking the rostrum and presidium by over thirty MPs.

The Parliament held an extraordinary meeting to consider in the first reading the constitutional amendments on decentralization.

Opening the session, Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Groisman stressed the importance of passing the proposed amendments.

A large part of those who blocked the tribune - representatives of the Radical Party faction.

According to the faction representative Yuriy Shukhevych-Bogdan, the Constitution can not contain provisions enabling the possibility to change the status of individual regions of Ukraine.

In the end, after a heated debate MPs nevertheless supported the bill on constitutional amendments in the first reading (265 people's deputies voted "for").