Victims of Sknyliv tragedy honored in Lviv

27.07.2017 р., 14:35

Today in Lviv, victims of Sknyliv tragedy - the biggest catastrophe in the history of aviation shows - were honored. Exactly 15 years ago, during the demonstration airshow, the SU-27 military aircraft fell down into a crowd of thousands of spectators causing death of 78 people, including 28 children. More than 250 people were injured - ten of them became permanently disabled.

Our correspondent Natalia Kozachuk tells us:

"On that Saturday afternoon, the 60th anniversary of the 14th Air Force Corps of Ukraine was celebrated at the Sknyliv Aerodrome, and about 10,000 spectators came to see the air show, in which the best military pilots participated, but these demonstration flights became fatal - Colonels Volodymyr Toponar and Yuriy Yegorov who piloted SU-27, were in charge of aerobatics. While doing this they dropped too low, hit the tree with a stabilizer, fell to the concrete cover and crashed into the crowd.

Victims of Sknyliv tragedy honored in Lviv

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