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Arrival of IMF mission to Kyiv postponed

26.10.2016 р., 14:05

The arrival of the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Kyiv has been postponed due to internal reasons of the Fund . The four-year EFF program for Ukraine forsees provision to Ukraine of the IMF loan totaling $17 billion. Initially it was assumed that the third tranche would amount to about $1.7 billion but the amount of the loan tranche was reduced to $1 billion.

Two previous tranches were received by Ukraine last year - in spring-USD 5 billion and USD 1,7 billion in summer. Ukraine, meanwhile, is not keeping up with the terms of implementing the effectiveness criteria outlined in the memorandum of economic and financial policy revised when the third tranche was provided.


Arrival of IMF mission to Kyiv postponed

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