Minister: Energy Efficiency Fund to bring national legislation in line with EU norms

31.08.2016 р., 11:35

"A person who insulates his or her home should understand that economy can reach not 10-15%, but 40-50%. There are examples when the savings exceed 70%. Just due to the Fund in the future Ukrainians will be able to recoup some of the spending after the particular house will be transferred to high energy efficiency class. Our task is to gradually transfer the housing stock of Ukraine to the high class, as in Poland or the Czech Republic. By setting up the Fund we achieve two goals: provide a technical solution to people on introducing energy efficiency measures and render financial support to each family", Zubko explained. He also noted that it is extremely important that the Fund's model allows us to draw funding from Europe, but not only resources of the budget. "For example, Germany is ready to allocate financial resources for this purpose. The European Union also supports us", the Vice Prime Minister said.

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