EU delegration: Donbas can become driving force of change in Ukraine

10.06.2016 р., 14:20

Speaking at the Donbas Media Forum in Mariupol on Friday, Stulik said that he and his colleagues visit Donbas almost every week, because they believe that Luhansk and Donetsk region can become a driving force for changes in Ukraine. Donbas has really changed, it is becoming more European, so other regions of Ukraine may follow suit, the spokesman said. However, he stressed that the EU Delegation has made every effort to ensure that Donbas should become a kind of West Berlin, which will show the world how to live with dignity and that the path that this part of Ukraine has chosen is the right one. Stulik also noted that the EU has prepared a programme of restoration of Donbas worth several billion hryvnias, which will be financed by European taxpayers.

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