Dutch referendum outcome alarming signal for Kyiv – parliament speaker

7.04.2016 р., 14:05

"Unfortunately, the outcome of the referendum in the Netherlands is not in Ukraine's favor. We respect the Dutch citizens' will. And although we understand that this referendum was merely consultative, this is a very alarming signal for Ukraine," Groysman said on Facebook on Thursday. For Ukraine to be able to defend its "European future," all Ukrainian authorities should do their error correction and "send clear signals both to Ukrainian citizens and the international community that we are steadily following the path of European reforms," he said. "I believe in a united Europe, and I believe that Ukraine will become part of this unity, despite the difficulties we are undergoing at these times and the problems that our European friends have confronted," Groysman said. It was reported earlier with reference to the Dutch referendum's preliminary results that 61.1% of its participants voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and 38.1% supported its ratification.

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