About 50 smart stations to be installed in Kyiv this year

6.04.2016 р., 17:50

"The stop is charged from a solar cell. The stop design is mobile, independent of operational electrical connection, allows saving time on installation and approval of relevant documents," the press service of Kyiv City State Administration said. According to the official, city officials plan in 2016 to install another 50 similar stops. "This stop is good, transparent, meets all the requirements of a modern city. It has Wi-Fi, one can charge his cell phone. In the evening it saves energy. If there are no people at the stop - the light at the bus stop is not bright, if a person comes closer to the stop in the evening – the light becomes brighter," Klitschko said. According to him, the smart stop is installed in the framework of the Smart City system implementation in Kyiv.

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