Deputy Defence Minister steps down

25.11.2015 р., 10:35

"Yesterday, I decided to write a letter of resignation, which I turned in yesterday to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, in whose team I’m very pleased and honored to work in a difficult time for the country. Now he will make a decision about my letter," wrote Husev. He also said that he was aware of the scheduled press conference at which he will be blamed for his role in the corruption schemes. "According to my information, an extended press conference is planned to take place where I’ll be accused among others in participating in the corruption schemes at EURO 2012 and regarding my wife’s companies that allegedly squeezed producers in the Defense Ministry and were awarded contracts there," the official said. He said that he had no part in the official organization of Euro 2012 when he worked in Tymoshenko’s government nor in other governments.

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