Lithuania assists Donbas schools to adjust to European experience in education

20.11.2015 р., 15:00

"We decided to work with Donbas because they need our help. Education is an area where we can contribute to and establish normal life in these territories." said Marius Janukonis. Volunteers from "New Donbas" noted that this project completion is critical to the transformation of the community of Ukraine and abolition of the Soviet destructive patterns this is why they started with Donbas. The project encompasses three schools in Stanytsia-Luhansk district, the Luhansk region. In the context pf operation they organized two trips to schools and prepared trainings for volunteers supervised by Lithuanian experts. Within the framework of the project volunteers interacted with children, organized master classes, lessons. Also, they organized talks with students, young professionals in film, music, theater and fine arts sectors. Head of "New Donbass" NGO Laura Artyuhina calls on schoolteachers of English, science and music to visit Donbas because most teachers had left the territory of Donbas and local schools are short on teaching staff. The "Creative collaboration" program represents a creative learning for children. The program is developed and implemented in the UK and adapted in Lithuania for the creative development of children in schools.

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