Matios: Berkut policemen suspected of shooting the Maidan protesters were tipped to flee Ukraine

11.11.2015 р., 11:05

"In the beginning of August 2014, a group of prosecutor chiefs and and patriotic professional employees of the SBU had been preparing a special operation to arrest 20 on duty at that moment  of action,police officers who served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Berkut employees of  policemen. However, under very strange circumstances, prior to the operation to arrest them - and it should have been a large-scale operation - all those Berkut officers on one day left the territory of Ukraine," said Matios. He is convinced that Berkut policemen either received a command or a warning to flee. "A few people knew about this operation - the operative group of the SBU, the technical units - surveillance and partially Alpha special operations unit,  procedural chiefs, the first management of the Directorate, and the first chiefs of the PGO - Yarema and Avakov,"  said Matios who was interrogated concerning this investigation. Who could give tips to police officers to flee the military prosecutor did not comment.

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