EU agrees to support testing process of anti-corruption prosecutors

10.11.2015 р., 15:05

"The EU has taken note of the announced change of members of the Selection panel under the quota of the Prosecutor General. The EU recalls that the key objective should be that the new members are fully trusted by Ukrainian experts. In order to allow the completion of technical part of selection, the EU has agreed to support the testing process of anti-corruption prosecutors," the EU Delegation to Ukraine said in a statement on the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office in Ukraine. The appointment of members of the panel by the Verkhovna Rada has never been commented upon by the EU and the EU has not requested the replacement of a member of the selection panel chosen by Verkhovna Rada, the EU Delegation to Ukraine said. "The nomination of the anti-corruption prosecutor is a key part of the process of establishing effective anti-corruption structures in Ukraine," the statement reads. According to the statement, after concerns were raised by Ukrainian experts following the nomination of representatives of the Prosecutor General to the selection panel for the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, the EU expressed concerns reiterated by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker during a telephone conversation with President Petro Poroshenko last week. He then repeated them in a letter.

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