Ukraine, UAE confirm plans to expand aviation cooperation at 2015 Dubai Airshow

10.11.2015 р., 14:35

"In the afternoon we had a meeting with a high-ranking official from the UAE government to discuss joint projects. The result is: we're sending potential projects within one month, then we will accept a delegation in Ukraine and reach a concrete result," he wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. "The quotations from our counterpart: "you have phenomenal engineers; they could create, in the truest sense of the word, whatever one likes. However, you cannot organize it in the project that could give a result," he wrote, adding "Would you be stuck with the shame? I was. And we will change it." Korzh said that as a part of the ongoing cooperation with Ukraines Emirati partners he also visited the servicing center of public joint-stock company Motor Sich in Sharjah, and another international company which employs over 200 Ukrainian engineers, technicians and pilots. "The UAE have created a favorable business climate. One can learn a lot here," he said. The Dubai Airshow has been held once every two years since 1989. It is the largest airshow in the Middle East. Ukraine, represented by its leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft Antonov State Enterprise (Kyiv), is exhibiting an An-178 new transport aircraft with a transport capacity of up to 18 tonnes. An-132 light multipurpose aircraft with a transport capacity of 9.2 tonnes which are being manufacturing under the order of Saudi Arabia, and the An-148/158 regional next generation jet family are also being presented at the exhibition.

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