Ukraine anti-corruption measures are insufficient - Ambassador of Sweden

4.11.2015 р., 12:45

"The Swedes and Swedish government are very much focused on the European values, including human rights. The European values ​​are the basis of our foreign policy. One of these values ​​is the rule of law," he noted. The Ambassador pointed out that the survey reflects Swedes’ frustration with reforms in Ukraine. "The study reflects a certain disappointment that there’s a need to work harder on anti-corruption measures. The data demonstrate that Swedes believe that more needs to be accomplished to implement reforms in general, and in reinforcing the rule of law and eradicate corruption in particularly," said the diplomat. He said Ukraine has to concentrate on reforms now which allow to realize Ukrainian potential, and not on its EU membership. According to the study conducted by the Institute of World Politics, a third of Swedes (31 percent) believe that Ukraine has yet to prove its commitment to the European values.

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